A charming blend of the finest ingredients which are pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time, making them the "backbone" for our authentic shave butter.


~How to Use~

  • Step1: Moisten face with warm water to soften hairs.
  • Step2: Wet shaving brush, shake off excess water and rotate brush around and around in soap to create desired amount of lather.
  • Step3: Apply lather in a circular scrubbing motion to shaving area.

"Timeless" Old Time Shave Butter

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    • All products are made in small batches by hand to ensure quality and freshness.
    • All soaps are sold by weight, not by the design. That way you pay the same no matter how fancy the soap bar is.
    • Each of our soaps are unique hand-made items, also colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.
    • All the colorings used in our products are food grade.
    • All products use the purest essential oils.
    • All oils and ingredients are natural and genuine.
    • Naturally lightly scented; no perfumes added.
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