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Small Soap Molds

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Baby Footprint Mold 2B.jpg
IMG_0405 (2).JPG

Baby Footprint Circle S-1

Daisy Flower S-2

IMG_0427 (2).JPG

Butterfly Diamond S-3

Round Fluer Design Mold 2H.jpg

Round Fluer Design S-4

Medium Soap Molds

IMG_0463 (2).JPG

Leaf Wrap Square M-1

IMG_0451 (2).JPG

Light House Rectangle M-2

IMG_0402 (2).JPG

Swirl Design Rectangle M-3

Right Mermaid Mold 6H (2).jpg

Mermaid Rectangle Left Facing M-4

Right Mermaid Mold 6G(2).jpg

Mermaid Rectangle Right Facing M-5


Fairy with Butterfly in hand Left Facing M-6

Fairy with Butterfly Mold Right facing 6

Fairy on Flowers with Butterfly Right Facing Rectangle M-7

Flower Angel Mold 6A.jpg

Angel with Flowers Rectangle M-8


Lotus Flower Oval M-9

Daisy Dome Mold 4E.jpg

Daisy with Lady Bugs Dome M-10

Flowers and Watering Can Scene Mold 4C.j
Roses Oval 4B.JPG

Garden scene with Flowers and Watering Can M-11

Two Roses with Stems

Roses Rectangle 4D.JPG

Rose Flowers Rectangle

Rose Flowers in Heart Shape small Mold 4

Rose Flowers in Heart Shape M-13

Rectangle Roses Mold 4H.jpg

Rose Flowers scene Rectangle M-14

Rect Flowers and Fern 1M.jpg

Flowers and Fern scene Rectangle M-15

Stretching Kitty and Butterfly 1H.jpg

Stretching Kitty and Butterfly M-16

Bird Scene Mold 3A.jpg

Birds and Flower scene Oval M-17

Hummingbird in Flower 3B.jpg

Hummingbird in Flower M-18

Dragonfly over Flowers 2L.jpg

Flowers and Dragonfly Rectangle M-19

Octagon Lotus Flower & Gold Fish 4J.jpg

Lotus Flowers and Gold Fish Octagon

Lion Scene Mold 6.jpg

Lion scene Rectangle M-21

Elephant Scene Mold 1C.jpg

Elephant scene Rectangle M-22

IMG_0449 (2).JPG

Wolf and Moon M-23

IMG_0447 (2).JPG

Horses scene Rectangle M-24

IMG_0443 (2).JPG

Dolphins scene Rectangle M-25

IMG_0439 (2).JPG

Polar Bear scene Rectangle M-26

Large Soap Molds

IMG_0422 (2).JPG
IMG_0295 (2).JPG

Puppy L-1

Fancy Roses and Lace in Heart Shape L-2


Dragonfly & Lotus Flower Oval L-3

Roses Rectangle 4D.JPG

Rose Bed Rectangle L-4

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